Why SalesForce Will Cost You More Money

Download My SalesForce Pre-Migration Checklist If you are already using SalesForce for your business or you’re considering migrating to Salesforce, you should know that it will likely cost you more money than other comparable CRM systems. With the expanding prices and contracts that lock you in, our research shows the total cost of ownership of […]

A Consultant’s Advice on Migrating from SalesForce to Dynamics 365

Download My SalesForce Pre-Migration Checklist If you’re considering moving from SalesForce to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you probably have a few questions. Sit down with our Marketing Consultant, Cassandra, and our expert on SalesForce Migrations (and Business Analyst), Aline. ——————— Cassandra: So I’ve been told that you are our resident expert for SalesForce to Dynamics 365 […]

3 Things Revealed in our Salesforce Poll

Download My SalesForce Pre-Migration Checklist We’ve polled over 50 companies in Ontario that use Salesforce.com and we are seeing an alarming trend. It has become apparent that businesses that are using Salesforce as their CRM system are suffering from at least 1 of the following symptoms. You Can’t Easily Generate & Convert Leads Do you […]

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