CRM in a post-secondary institution: The perfect fit

Are you struggling with the decision of whether to implement CRM in a post-secondary institution? Learn why a CRM solution is a perfect fit for colleges and universities looking to modernize their operations. Running a post-secondary education institution requires many of the same qualities as running a large business. The only difference is that rather […]

CRM Dynamics staff member showing the way for next generation of dance choreographers

For CRM Dynamics Director of Marketing Kristin McLaughlan, dance has always been an important part of her life. That passion led her to have a successful career in the entertainment industry prior to joining the CRMD family. She traveled and performed throughout North America and remains a talented and successful choreographer.  It’s a passion that […]

Why you should switch to the Cloud

The truth is there isn’t much debate to be had when it comes to whether you should switch to the Cloud, as powered by Dynamics 365, from On-Premise solutions. Think of it this way: If you were offered something that would let you do your work faster and more efficiently you wouldn’t hesitate to find […]

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