Fall 2019 update: A/B testing

Over the past year, Microsoft has invested a great deal of resources into its Marketing platform. That was reflected in the Fall 2019 update, which saw Microsoft Marketing for D365 take leaps and bunds forward.  

As we continue to look at the highlights of the Fall D365 update, we will explore one particular feature in Microsoft Marketing for D365 – A/B testing. 

What is A/B testing  

Simply put, A/B testing is a way to test your promotional campaigns to ensure that you are getting the most out of them. By testing, you can determine what approach is giving you your best ROI from your Marketing expenses.  

By comparing two versions of…anything, really — a webpage, ad or app, logo, etc.  – you are able to determine what performs better. Rather than guessing or “using your gut” to determine the best approach you have concrete evidence of what consumers best respond to.  

How do you do A/B testing? 

It’s pretty simple: Once you come up with the options that you want to test you send half your audience one option (the A) and the other half a second version (the B)  

By sending each to an equal amount of your audience, as determined by the D365 Artificial Intelligence you can be confident that you are getting valuable data that you can act on.  

What should you test?  

It all depends on what you want to find out, but there are no limits to what you can test with an A/B format. Honestly, it’s better to ensure that you aren’t testing too much as you can easily get caught in the weeds of data that Microsoft Data can provide.  

By, getting to the core of what you need to know you can act with authority, quickly.  

Some common things that you might test include: 

  1. Headline — the words, size, and colour
  2. Call to action – the text, the location, and colour of the button  
  3. Images – if using any graphics, consider altering to see any changes 
  4. Copy – change the description to see which one achieves better results 

A/B testing is just one of the features that Microsoft Marketing for D365 can help you with. If you want to learn more about the Fall 2019 d365 update, or about Microsoft marketing for D365 give one of our experts a call today.  


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