2 Simple Ways to Book More Repair Appointments Today

More booked appointments equals more revenue! Is your competition booking more appointments than you? Do you wonder how they’re getting it done?

If you’re a large (40+ trucks on the road) company you probably have a team of people and systems in place to make this easy.  But how does a smaller firm compete?  Here are two simple ways you can book more appointments today:

1. The 5-minute call back

It’s shocking how long it takes most trades businesses to respond to customers who leave a voicemail, submit a lead on the web site or send an email. Many of them don’t even call back on the same day. These customers likely called 3 other   companies. Your competitors.  If only 1 calls back, that customer will probably purchase services from that company. We tested 1800 companies and 54% of them never got back to us.  How well do you perform?

Are you guilty of not responding to calls or emails? The answer is simple. Make a point to respond to those calls and emails. Five minutes is not always an attainable goal, but you need to assign a dedicated resource who has the time and tools to respond to your potential customers. They will appreciate your quick response and be more likely to work with you. This single tip will grow your business.

2. Automate Service Reminders

There is an old saying: “It is easier to sell something to an existing customer than it is to find and sell to a new one.” How many businesses cards have you handed out? How many called you back?

Your business is constantly battling for customer loyalty. Getting ahead of your competitors is as easy as automating service reminders.

Take control of your customer’s experience and ensure that their equipment is maintained. Sending out emails or personally calling your customers when a service appointment is due can help you book more appointments. Your customers will be thankful for the reminder and it will ensure that there is no downtime for them.  Not to mention keeping your competitors out of your customer list.

Booking more appointments means increased revenue and greater retention. Customers will feel that your business cares about them and in turn become returning loyal customers.

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