3 Reasons to Read our Latest Case Study on canfitpro

Back in February of this year, canfitpro launched Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service.  Like all businesses, canfitpro had to quickly adapt to the new normal that came in March of 2020; This case study examines their personalized path to Digital Transformation and the impact it had on their business processes and overall survival.  In canfitpro’s IT Manager, Michael Best own words, “We would not have survived the COVID 19 pandemic without CRM Dynamics and our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal.”

Here are three reasons to read the canfitpro Case Study:

  1. You have a legacy CRM

With low useability, no centralized data, a lack of extensibility, and very costly – canfitpro’s custom legacy system could no longer keep pace with the organization’s needs. 

  1. You are thinking of switching or enhancing your CRM

Learn why Dynamics was the right choice for canfitpro and all of the associated organizational benefits that came along with this implementation; Both to the business and to the roles of the Marketing, Sales, and IT teams. 

  1. You want to know the KPIs, returns, and real-world value of a Dynamics CRM

The Dynamics solution was able to improve time to market of new products, servicing of customers, and a multitude of marketing benefits to help canfitpro communicate with and improve their reach to clients.

Our canfitpro case study is just a 5-minute read, with most of the information coming through direct quotes from canfitpro’s IT Manager, Michael Best.

Click here to download the case study and feel free to reach out to our experts if you have any questions.

Jared Teed

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