Convert more leads, win more deals and more accurately forecast with Dynamics 365

Are you making the most of your leads? Chances are if you’re using Salesforce the answer is no.

We’ve polled over 50 companies in Ontario that use and we are seeing an alarming trend. It has become apparent that businesses that are using Salesforce as their CRM system are suffering from at least one of the following symptoms.

You Can’t Easily Generate & Convert Leads

Do you need more leads, or do you need to be smarter about the ones that you have? We’ve done our own independent study and found that 54% of businesses never follow up with leads. It sounds surprising, but it’s not unusual. Many businesses rely on a manual effort to integrate their website, phone or live chat options into their CRM. The result is a poor follow up.

You might be thinking, “We follow up on all our leads!”, but maybe the question is how many times did you follow up? Based on our study, 82% of business fail to follow up a second time. The process is imperfect, and can fail even the best sales person.  Your CRM should help you generate and manage leads.

You’re Losing Deals Too Often

You lost another deal. It’s so common with businesses using, that many businesses assume that it’s normal – It’s not. Your sales team is stretched thin and struggling to close deals.

As yourself this question: What is the close ratio for your sales team? Is it 5%? 10%? Do you even know?

Without a disciplined sales process, your sales team cannot be productive. When you create an environment that engages your sales team and enables them to work smarter, you’ll begin to see the results in your bottom line.

You Can’t Forecast Accurately

Sales managers need to know two things: how much and what month. If you’re like most businesses that use Salesforce, this is your number one issue. If you can’t forecast accurately you will struggle to manage your resources and cash flow. Forecasting shouldn’t be a guessing game.

Too many implementations fail to provide businesses with the transparency needed to drive their business. Without the insight to know how much business to expect and in which month, many businesses are driving blind.


We believe that businesses can work more efficiently with the right tools. It’s finding the right tool, customized for your needs, that’s essential in driving your business forward.

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