4 Mistakes Your Commercial HVAC Business is Making

In a crowded marketplace like the HVAC business it’s important to play it cool and not make mistakes that can leave your customers hot under the collar.

Bad puns aside, you need to make sure that you’re not making these 4 mistakes.

  1. Being Late…

    Whether it’s for an emergency repair or scheduled maintenance, your customers expect you to be on time. When the office dispatchers can’t see where service technicians are, or don’t know who’s available, it can be tricky to know when someone will arrive.

    Solution: Manage your customer’s expectations, and communicate to them when they can expect your technician to arrive.

  2. Not having the right tools for the job

    You show up on time, but do you have the right tools and parts to get the job done the first time? Since there are many different types of equipment that can need maintenance or repair, each service vehicle is equipped with an inventory that changes with every customer and every day.

    Solution:  Make sure you know what’s in each truck in your fleet. This way, you’ll know what to order and what needs to be stocked in each truck.

  3. Not Having the right skills for the job

    Assigning the next available technician might not always be the best idea. Will they be working on equipment they know? Are they trying to resolve a particularly tricky issue? You need to be sure that the technician showing up can do the work needed to complete the job the first time. If its complete the first time you’ll have more time in your fleet’s schedule to book more customers.

    Solution: Get your dispatchers to understand the skills each technician has so they can assign the right person to get the job done.

  4. Being Late again…

    Send out that invoice ASAP. Your customers are running businesses too, and they need to report expenses to their accounting department. Late invoices can make your business seem disorganized or unprepared. When invoices are issued accurately and on time, your customers will be thankful they chose your business.

    Solution: Connect your drivers with the right tools so they can issue invoices on the go, and get your business running smoother.

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