A new CRM for Membership Associations

Although the benefits of moving to a CRM for Membership Associations are obvious to most, it can be a challenge to find the right solution that is easily adapted and affordable.

After all, change can be difficult. For many Membership Associations the thought of migrating from a legacy system to a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be intimidating.

We are creatures of habit, after all, and the legacy system is understandable – it’s a tool that you know how to use and that meets the basic needs of your association.

Make no mistake. Many of the legacy systems are effective tools. They do exactly what they are advertised to do.

And, little more. At some point, it is no longer enough to just collect dues or allow your members to register to classes and meetings. Those elements remain important, but they are only a portion of what the modern Membership Association needs. This is where a migration to a CRM system makes sense for your organization.

However, what’s ideal isn’t always what’s possible. Many Membership Associations are financially challenged. The cost of implementing Dynamics 365 may be prohibitive. That’s why CRM Dynamics an HSO Company has developed a new out-of-the-box CRM solution. Called Dynamics Association Blueprint, or DAB, it is specifically designed for the needs of a modern Association.

Whether your Association works in the non-profit world or supports for-profit organizations and professionals, DAB is designed to provide you with more efficient work processes.

A CRM for Membership Associations that does more for less expense

Today, there are more demands on Membership Associations than at any other time. They are expected to do more and, often, with fewer resources than they had in the past. This is why DAB is perfect for Associations looking to modernize their business operations.

By migrating to DAB you will facilitate better relationships with your members, which is the key to retaining your membership base. The most important thing any Association can do is retain and grow its base as even a small increase in retention can increase profitability by upwards of 75%.

If your Association is in the non-profit industry, fundraising can also be a key area. DAB will allow you to identify potential donors easily and target them with personalized campaigns. You can manage multiple campaigns at the same time and reduce the number of staff resources needed to fundraise. The bottom line is that DAB will improve, well, the bottom line. You’ll be able to raise more money by switching to Dynamics Association Blueprint.

Our research found that managing membership lists and fundraising are the two most important things that Membership Associations are looking for in a CRM solution. But, that doesn’t mean that DAB will only improve your business processes in those areas.

Additional benefits of DAB include: Bringing all departments into one confidentially segregated system, as well as managing grants, donations and volunteers. DAB will improve workflow automation and better connect to members via social media to track trends and build campaigns.

With DAB, you have access to the powerful Dynamics 365 Dashboards. They provide your association with quick-view insights that show key performance indicators and other important data. The ability to instantly see how you are performing will allow you to make quick changes to how things are getting done, before it becomes a problem.

Perhaps most importantly, DAB is designed to allow for out-of-the-box implementation, thus saving money conscious Associations important resources that can be passed on to their members.

If you would like a demo of how DAB will benefit your Association, give our experts a shout!

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