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Our Story

It is often the differences that make relationships work. Combine a sales-minded dreamer with a genius engineer and you discover the results are often greater than its parts! Which led to CRM Dynamics Ltd.

The founders Bill Gardner and Dirk Schrader conceptualized CRM in the infancy of the internet-era, when the concept didn’t even have a name and when pen and paper was still the most common way that businesses kept their books. However, they saw where the future was headed and spent the next two decades building the business that became CRM Dynamics, and later evolved to being part of HSO Enterprises Inc.

As part of the HSO family, the team can immediately address business needs in a growing global market, leveraging deep industry expertise, more comprehensive global delivery capabilities across the Microsoft platform, plus critical 24/7 support. HSO Enterprises Inc is a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner with a core focus on empowering clients using integrated solutions. As a premier Gold Microsoft partner and Inner Circle member, our vision is to use technology to empower every person and every business to accomplish more and achieve their potential.

Co-Managing Partner

Bill Gardner

Managing Partner Bill Gardner has been working in the CRM field for more than 20 years and has been involved in more than 700 CRM implementations.  A true pioneer in the CRM field, Bill has helped shape Dynamics Blueprint’s parent company into the largest Microsoft CRM Gold partner in Canada.  

Co-Managing PArtner

Dirk Schrader

Managing Partner Dirk Schrader has been working with Bill Gardner since both men met at Ivey Business School in the 1990s. With more than two decades of experience in building CRM projects, Dirk’s vision was the driving force behind the launch of Dynamics Blueprint.

VP, Sales & MarketinG

Rob Triggs

As the head of Sales and Marketing, Rob Triggs is a sought-out thought leader in the world of Sales and Marketing. His unique “Smarketing” approach has helped drive the success of Dynamics Blueprint and its parent company CRM Dynamics.     

VP, professional services

Wim Kana

As the VP for Professional Services, Wim Kana is responsible for all client focused project delivery. With a passion for benefits realization and a foundation in consulting and project management, Wim has nurtured a culture of project delivery excellence resulting in superior project outcomes.

VP, change management

Celine de Regt

Celine de Regt has over 20-year experience in HR and Leadership and 15 of those years in Organizational Change Management.  Celine is able to align people, process and technology with business objectives.  She partners with organizations to apply change management within their cultural context.

VP, Architecture

Jan Jaskulski

Jan Jaskulski has extensive experience with 10 years of experience in the Microsoft CRM ecosystem. Specializing in integration, automation, infrastructure, and development best practices, Jan can provide the expertise needed to implement efficient and reliable applications needed in today's data-driven world.


"Amid a challenging year, CRM Dynamics demonstrated dedication to innovation and customer excellence by leveraging cutting-edge solutions to solve complex business challenges and overcome disruption" - Suzanne GaglieseVP, Global Partner Solution, Microsoft Canada

"Microsoft is honored to recognize CRM Dynamics for their achievements this past year, their dedication to our customers, and their innovation around the Microsoft Cloud.” - Cecilia Flombaum, Microsoft Business Applications Ecosystem Lead