Adding a New User in Dynamics 365

Employees come and employees move on, it’s the circle of corporate life as we all know it. With every new employee there’s no shortage of systems to get set up in the onboarding process– and setting up a new user in Dynamics 365 CRM is definitely near the top of that list.

You have likely come across this task; however, you may not know that only the administrator has access to setting up a new user. If that isn’t you – be sure to send this article to the appropriate parties!

If you are the administrator for an environment in the cloud, go ahead and follow these steps to one method in creating a new user in Dynamics 365:

Step 1: Admin Center

Navigate to your Admin Power Platform Portal and select to Add User in the User Management Card on the Home Dashboard.

Step 2: Set up the Basics

Following the on-screen instructions, fill out the required information for your new user.

Step 3: Assign Product Licenses

Select the location of the user and assign an available license to them.

Step 4: Assign Roles

At this stage, you will have to consider the permissions you want this user to have. This is a basic level allocation on the tenant level and not specific to your Dynamics 365 app(s). Once the user is created, you can go in and add the user to Dynamics 365 Teams and assign specific security roles.

Step 5 Review and Finish

Take a look at all the information you’ve inputted and make changes if needed.

Step 6: Finish Adding

At this stage, you are given a System generate password for the user. Provide the user with this password for a one time login – they will then be instructed to change it upon logging in.

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