An affordable CRM – how Quick Launch Blueprint can benefit small to medium sized businesses.


On the hunt for an affordable CRM? Look no further – our Quick Launch Blueprint is an affordable option for small to medium sized businesses.  

“We’re too small for a CRM system,”  

It’s the most common pushback we hear from small to medium size companies when we talk to them about the power of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.  

We understand it can seem daunting to make a major investment in your business infrastructure – especially if the ROI isn’t immediate. However, there are few things that can drive your revenues more than the increased efficiencies that a CRM system can provide.    

The benefits of Dynamics 365 are vast, but here are 4 key benefits of making the jump to a CRM system:  

1. Stay organized and ready to sell 

In the digital age, good leads can come to you at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. You need to be ready to respond to them in a timely and effective way.  

That can be hard if you are dealing with outdated business processes.  

Dynamics 365 can allows you to track every lead that comes into you and filter the lead to the proper person. Additionally, D365 allows for easy tracking of the lead once it’s been assigned. That’s invaluable for your sales managers as they ensure that your staff are staying on top of things.  

You’ll stop seeing leads fall through the cracks with D365. 

2. Keep on top of your opportunities 

In a busy sales environment it can be easy to mix things up. 

“What time was that meeting again? Was that the place that sold automobile glass or the place that makes windows?  What was the CEO’s name again? 


You can avoid all those questions with D365. Every customer interaction is tracked and catalogued in an easy to find way so you’ll never be caught out again.    

3. A 360 degree view of you organization.  

One of the greatest benefits of D365 is the ability to gain key insights into how your company is performing in real-time. These 360 degree view dashboards are customizable to your specific needs and will allow you to make informed decisions about the direction of your business.  

Why wait until the damage is done to pivot away from strategies that aren’t working? From a more positive perspective, wouldn’t it be nice to double-down on strategies that are working as soon as you see the positive trend?   

4. Keep your data 

People move on. And, if you have run a company long enough, you’ll have experienced what it means to have a key person leave and take all their contacts with them.  

Don’t let it happen to you. With D365 you control the data and you won’t ever have to watch your key data walk out the door when a staff member leaves.  


That’s all fine and dandy, you might be saying. You understand the value of a CRM, but don’t have the budget to implement a full Dynamics 365 solution.  

It is true that D365 is a significant investment. Although it is difficult to give a specific price for a customized implementation, it typically will be one of the largest business infrastructure projects you’ll ever undertake.  

We understand that many small to medium size businesses, or non-profits, often do not have the capital to make that type of investment. 

It was with that in mind that CRMD-HSO created our industry Blueprints in 2018. The Blueprint solutions offer companies a partially pre-configured solution that offered a powerful D365 platform at a fraction of a fully configured solution.  

However, we recognized that there was still a significant amount of companies that required even less expensive options.  

So, we are proud to offer Quick Launch Blueprint, a starter CRM designed to work with little to no unique configuration. The best part is the price – QLB can be obtained for as little as $2,500.  

With QLB you will have a powerful introduction to what a CRM can do at an affordable price point. 

Give our Quick Launch specialists a call today to find out more.