April 2019 Dynamics 365 update: Virtual Agent

The April 2019 Dynamics 365 update continues Microsoft’s commitment to Artificial Intelligence technology.  

In fact, the update includes three entirely new AI apps – Virtual Agent, Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.  

Today we are going to look at Virtual Agent for Customer Service.  

To read the entire April 2019 Dynamics 365 update, download the .pdf here. 

Virtual Agent  

Virtual Agent for Customer Service is the result of analyzing multiple deployments of customer service bots around the world. You can quickly discover support topics that can be automated, by seeing what your human agents are spending the most time on and which issues are most costly. 

You can automate support topics by easily creating a virtual agent to help automatically answer and resolve common issues using a simple, no-code graphical interface.  

On the surface, you might be balking at the idea of using bots. After all, you’re a customer too and you’ve experienced how frustrating a “bot loop” – when you message to support to say that a feature isn’t working only to have a bot tell you to try the feature that isn’t working — can feel like. But, this is different. 

You see, unlike other bot interfaces, the virtual agent will not simply populate canned responses that the customer must then act upon. Virtual Agent can also take actions on their behalf. When working with your human agents Virtual Agent can assist in providing both more efficient support.  

Work together with your human agents: When the virtual agent can’t handle a problem, or a user asks for a human agent, the virtual agent pulls in a human agent to help. Either use the integration with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service or integrate with your specific case management and agent messaging system. 

AI-powered analytics for continuous improvement: You can always see how well the virtual agent is doing, which topics are handled, and which topics require human intervention. Virtual Agent for Customer Service continually provides analytics and recommends actions to improve the customer service experience, helping you free up time for your human agents to focus on more complex cases. 

And a happy customer makes for a happy business!  

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