Are you a Power BI Business User?

To be “data-driven” is the new norm, but what does that actually look like?  We know that business decisions must be led by the numbers but how do we present, interpret, and digest information in a timely, clear, and decisive manner? Data comes in so many different forms, it can be easy to get inundated with different outputs and formats that can cause key data points to be misinterpreted, or even missed altogether. 

Here are three signs you may be a Powe BI Business User:

  1. You are a visual learner.

If staring at long lists of notes, excel pivot tables, or any other numeric/alpha output makes your eyes glaze over, you just might be a Power BI Business User. 

With thoughtful and intuitive layouts that are presented with colorful purpose, Power BI can tell compelling and strategy-provoking stories and insights with your data. 

  1. You desire a single source of truth.

Instead of trying to infer and collect data from various sources to draw actionable insights, Power BI lets the information come to you.  With dynamic content, you always have the most complete and up-to-date information available.  You can also set up automatic notifications to alert you when data changes or just have a daily, weekly, or monthly report sent straight to your inbox to explore at your convenience. 

  1. You are the consumer of content.

Being a business user means you are solely focused on receiving information to make informed business decisions.  You won’t be building any dashboards or reports, and you won’t have full access to all of the capabilities of Power BI – which is just fine for your role. 

This also means you can explore and play with the data outputs without worrying about impacting or damaging any underlying data.  As a Power BI business user, you don’t have any access to any raw data, so you can experiment with whatever view you prefer, and not compromise any of the source content. 

Power BI is another fantastic tool in the Power Platform suite from Microsoft, to make those “data-driven” decisions that are so crucial to success in today’s workplace.

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