Artificial Intelligence and the future of business

The history of business is often a history of new, hot trends. Things you must have to make it. And things that haven’t always lived up to the hype. 

That can lead to business owners becoming reluctant to embrace new technology. They take a “show me don’t tell me” approach. That’s understandable, but it’s important to be open to actually see evidence of when the technology is actually “showing you” that you need it. 

Artificial Intelligence is one of those things that has been demonstrating its worth for a while now, but that still might seem more hype than help.  

It’s time for you to embrace AI. And, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 you will be. The company has invested a great deal of time and effort in advancing its use of AI technology. To benefit you. We can already see the evidence of it working. 

Here are 3 ways that AI makes your business perform better:  

1. Personalize selling 

AI can track individual buying patterns and create individualized Marketing outreaches. By anticipating what customers want and offering it to them before even they realize they need it you will sell more and maintain your customers longer.  

2Better customer assistance 

AI allows you to utilize smart bot technology that can assist customers with frequently asked questions faster and better than human customer service agents can. By providing better service you keep your customers happier and happy customers are repeat customers.   

3Mining data 

The one thing that AI does really well is find patterns in customer behaviour through data that are not easily identifiable to the naked eye. While you’re deep in the weeds of running your business, you might not have the time to truly evaluate whether what your doing is effective. With AI technology you don’t have to do the digging. Instead you can see what the data shows in easy to understand dashboards that show a real time, 360-degree view of your business.  

This is just a taste of the ways that Microsoft AI can drive your business forward. Why not give us a call today to learn more about what Dynamics 365 solution is best for you.