The CRMD Assembly Line Approach

We take the guesswork out of implementing Dynamics 365

Henry Ford changed the business world forever when he invented assembly line manufacturing in 1913. By mass producing the automobile, Ford opened-up the possibility of owning a car to an entirely new strata of the population.

He did that through pricing. By making it more efficient and cheaper to produce a car, he was able to sell it cheaper as well.

More than a Century later we have taken Ford’s approach to making automobiles and brought it to the digital world. We have structured our development team in an assembly line fashion. Unlike other CRM partners, we are not dependent on highly specialized developers to complete a project. Instead we can plug our experts into any project and it will continue to churn along.

A project doesn’t grind to a stop if a developer catches a cold. That allows us to be confident that we can finish projects on time and on budget. 

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