A CRM Dynamics an HSO Company success story: Automating enrollment at Humber College

Humber College had a problem: It was utilizing outdated enrollment processes and, as a result, was falling behind other colleges in Ontario. It badly needed to automate enrollment and CRM Dynamics an HSO Company offered the college just that.

Working together CRM Dynamics an HSO Company and Humber College took a system that previously had been manually driven and made it fully automated. Overnight, Humber went from being one of the slowest college’s to respond to applications, to being the first offer prospective students saw when they opened their email on acceptance day.

That made a difference, with Humber’s enrollment figures increasing by 4% in the first year the system was used. That increase came during a period when the overall figures were trending downward in the province.

Humber staff described the transition to the automated enrollment “smooth as glass.” Listen to their reaction in the video below.

Humber Testimonial

The CRM Dynamics an HSO Company and Humber College relationship is one example of how the power of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution can automate your systems and make your business processes more efficient. If you wat to learn more about what we can do for you talk to one of our experts.