Benefits of Direct Booking with D365 Integrated Portal Blueprint

The benefits of Direct Booking in certain industries are well known. The travel industry, for instance, has long touted the benefits of direct booking to its members and having a booking portal has become the norm across that industry.  

However, you do not have to work in travel to take advantage of the benefits of direct booking.  Any industry that deals with the public directly to sell a product or service can take advantage of a booking portal.  

Here are three proven benefits of direct booking: 

More convenient for customers 

The benefits of direct booking are that customers have the control over when and how they book. If they get the urge to shop at 2am, they can book the spot and receive the confirmation before your staff have had their morning coffee!  

But, it also has advantages to you. You can customize what you are showing customers to encourage the to book spots or options that are beneficial to you. Additionally, with Dynamics 365 integration you are capturing the customer’s information, allowing your marketing team to reach out for future business.  

Get more business 

Imagine there are two people fishing in the same pond. One of them has a worm on their hook, while the other does not. Who do you think will catch more fish? 

Clearly, the person fishing with a worm. Your direct booking portal is your worm. If you are offering customers the option of firming up the business online and your competition is not, then you are going to get that business 99 times out of 100. 

Save money and improve cash flow 

One of the most obvious benefited of Direct Booking to business is that it reduces the amount of time that your staff are needed to do administrative aspects of your operation. Not only will you require fewer staff to run the operation, you can keep the staff you have more engaged by having them focus on more rewarded work.  

If you integrate Payment Gateway into the booking portal, then you can also improve your cashflow. Customers are happy to pre-pay as it saves them time when they arrive to receive the product or service. If you require ongoing billing, you can automate that process through integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Portal Blueprint for Dynamics 365  

By adding the Power Portal for Dynamics 365 you gain all of these benefits and more. We can create a custom portal for your business that will match the style and look of your website. We can deliver this to you faster and less expensive by utilizing our development accelerators, which have been designed utilizing our decades of providing first rate Microsoft solutions for clients worldwide.  

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