4 ways Non-Profit Blueprint helps you better serve your members

It is a demanding time to be working at a Non-Profit. In times of economic uncertainty, Non-Profits are expected to do more, with less resources than they had in the past. It is vital that those working in the sector have the tools they need to efficiently manage their members, while ensuring that they are best prepared when serving their community.  

Non-Profit Blueprint is an affordable and effective membership management solution that can help Non-Profits in these difficult times.  

Managing your membership base is the core responsibility of any Non-Profit. Non-Profit Blueprint is a software solution that was designed after consulting with those working in the industry to understand their needs. 

High among those needs was affordability. Non-Profit Blueprint was developed using project accelerators, which allows us to offer many of the benefits of a fully customizable Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project at a fraction of the cost.  

With Non-Profit Blueprint you can:  

  1. Stay on top of member’s needs 

    You’ll never let member’s needs fall through the cracks again, with integrated activity tracking and the ability to seamlessly follow up on incomplete applications and renewals. All this while recommending alternatives to rejected applications and improving member onboarding and other membership experiences. 

  1. 360Degree Contact View 

You’ll be able to see and understand each member’s profile in a single view, which will allow you to pick up right where you left off in your service plan. You can easily promote the right programs for them and provide recommendations. This can happen while making your relationship with each member stronger. With interdepartmental data at your fingertips, you’ll be assured that you can provide the best member experience possible. 

  1. Improve internal communication 

Non-Profit Blueprint allows you to share important information about new programs, changes in eligibility criteria and inform staff of any upcoming changes in policies. Your organization can create and spread important messages and information quickly and effectively and be more responsive to member’s inquiries. 

  1. Easy reporting 

With access to powerful dashboards you can create informative internal reports based on real metrics. This will allow you to use reporting to better serve members and gain insights into program successes and shortcomings. You’ll gain a better understanding of membership, which allows you to compare different time frames and initiatives. 

Non-Profit Blueprint can grow with your organization. If the time comes that you have more resources to spend on technology, you can easily add to the solution.  

Looking for more information? Give one of our experts a call today to discuss how Non-Profit Blueprint can help you better serve your members.