Why are companies choosing Dynamics 365 over other CRM competitors?

A business’s budget is one of the most critical factors when evaluating software solutions. Microsoft makes Dynamics 365 licensing much simpler to understand when compared to other CRM competitors. On the surface, Salesforce’s essentials license appears to have a very attractive $25/user/month entry point, but businesses should examine the details carefully. When it comes to a […]

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM – and how it makes you more successful and competitive firm?

Switching from traditional software to CRM is a big step. The software you implement will not only transform the way you and your team work but will also improve your business intelligence. Considering the decision, it makes sense that you would want to make the right choice and given the variety of options on the […]

Microsoft Viva Sales – a new seller experience application.

Exciting news for salespeople allowing them to connect with their customers more than ever! Microsoft Corporation announced the launch of an extension of Microsoft’s existing Viva product line- Microsoft Viva Sales. Microsoft Viva is a platform that offers a combination of various features, such as a learning platform, a space for connecting and sharing internal information […]

Overview of the Microsoft Power Platform

Organizations are increasingly turning to data to drive business outcomes. The cloud has become an effective platform for harnessing data and storing various business information that can be used for intelligent business operations. But how are companies leveraging this data to drive business impact? The Microsoft Power Platform is designed to help organizations utilize various types of data stored by their workers regardless of their technical abilities. It is designed to reduce the overall cost of customizations and automations and make technology more accessible to those who work […]

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