Booking Portal for D365 helps funeral service providers better serve clients

better serve clients

Customers in any industry want the convenience of obtaining goods and services online, from who, when and where they need it. And, as a funeral service provider you want to meet those expectations to better serve clients. The ability to provide assistance in this way isn’t just good business sense, it’s also humane and empathetic. […]

Employee Spotlight: Product Marketing Lead Jared Teed

Jerad Teed

CRM Dynamics prides itself in the diversity of our staff’s experience. To highlight that, we present the Employee Spotlight.   This month we learn about our Product Marketing Lead, Jared Teed.  Read on to find out more about Jared!  Background  After attending the University of Lethbridge, Jared moved back to Calgary. There he first worked in a SaaS Marketing role and developed an appreciation for the power of Microsoft’s business […]

The future of contact centers is remote – how letting your contact center staff work from home makes sense for everyone

The importance of being flexible about where your employees work from has never been more important. As the workplace evolves, companies that are tied to the office are falling behind.   However, the move to a remote office may seem unrealistic for those running a large customer contact center. After all, this is an industry that has […]

Benefits of Direct Booking with D365 integrated Portal Blueprint

The benefits of Direct Booking in certain industries are well known. The travel industry, for instance, has long touted the benefits of direct booking to its members and having a booking portal has become the norm across that industry.   However, you do not have to work in travel to take advantage of the benefits of direct booking.  Any […]