Getting more out of your Dynamics 365 with Customer Insights

If your company is like ours, you’re always looking to maximize the value of any of your technological investments.  Dynamics 365 CRM is a powerful solution to enable your sales process, manage your entire service department, as well as build, manage, track, and report on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts – just to scratch […]

3 Ways Our Construction Blueprint Will Help You Win More Business

Relationships are key in the construction industry and much of the day-to-day business is still done the old-fashioned way – through building solid personal relationships all along the supply chain.   Networking and personal relationship building will always remain of vital importance. However, construction supply companies should also be looking to embrace technologies that can set them apart.   In fact, a […]

How Microsoft Dynamics can help Credit Unions compete in the Financial Services industry

Knowledge is power. That’s the case with almost everything, but when it comes to the ability of Credit Unions to compete in the financial services industry it is especially true. One of the best ways to compete in the financial services industry is to have more information than your competitors. Microsoft Dynamics365 can provide the type […]

Drive Your Success with the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft has always been a leader in the business space – from Office 365 to Dynamics 365 and beyond. With the intention of providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed; Microsoft is driving digital transformation to even greater heights with Microsoft Power Platform. What is the Microsoft Power Platform?  In simple terms, the Microsoft […]

7 reasons to make the switch to Microsoft Marketing for Dynamics 365

The importance of Marketing to your operation can’t be stressed enough. Without attracting the right attention at the right time, your business can stall.    Even with the best sales professionals and processes, you need the right tools on the Marketing side to attract high quality leads and help convert more opportunities to sales.  There is where CRM Dynamics and Microsoft can help.   Over the last few years Microsoft […]