Artificial Intelligence and the future of business

The history of business is often a history of new, hot trends. Things you must have to make it. And things that haven’t always lived up to the hype.  That can lead to business owners becoming reluctant to embrace new technology. They take a “show me don’t tell me” approach. That’s understandable, but it’s important to be open to actually […]

Power customer service with Microsoft Virtual Agent

The chat bot gets a bad rap.   And, we all remember a time when it deserved it. Before advancements in Artificial Intelligence, bots could be frustrating. They were not intuitive and could lead to customer frustration.   But, that’s changed. With Power Virtual Agent, Microsoft has harnessed the latest AI technology to create an intuitive, smart and effective […]

The Unified Interface is coming this summer – be ready!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly versatile program that is constantly evolving to reflect a changing work environment. Microsoft is always adding apps that allow workers to do their job more effectively, from wherever they need to do it from.   With the new Dynamics 365 Unified Interface that commitment has been solidified, along with advanced capabilities that work across desktop, mobile, and Outlook.  […]

Improve your up and cross-selling with Dynamics 365

In our desire to always be chasing new opportunities, we can often ignore the increased revenue possibilities that are already in our sales’ pipelines through up and cross-selling. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can maximize those opportunities and give your revenue a boost as we enter 2020.   The key to maximizing this potential comes in the “related products” […]

Better customer service with Microsoft AI technology

A major focus of Microsoft’s focus today is in improving the ways that Artificial Intelligence can improve your business. AI is a technology that excites people. It seems like something from a science fiction television program and it makes many people excited to see what the future may bring.   But, the thing about AI is that you don’t […]