How to Engage a Millennial Audience with the Credit Union Blueprint

Engaging a millennial audience can often be a challenge for companies. There are various challenges associated with not only properly informing them about the services you offer but also ensuring that the audience remains engaged.Finding a way to properly address these challenges can lead to valuable information that can improve your overall business processes and […]

Protect your business with the most trusted Microsoft Cloud!

Cloud computing has become the primary operating business model for many organizations. In recent months, it has been recognized for its ability to make the remote work experience less challenging, plus it has given employees a flexible platform– Microsoft Teams to easily collaborate, acting as an all-purpose omnichannel collaboration hub.  Migrating to the cloud has not only been beneficial for employees, but it has also had a huge impact on business operations. To help you learn about […]

Dynamics 365 implementation failure: How it happens and how CRMD can fix it

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complex program and it requires a skilled team of developers, consultants and Project Managers to implement the software without problems. Unfortunately, not all implementation partners are able to provide a robust solution that meets all of their client’s needs. At CRM Dynamics we have the experience needed to fix Dynamics 365 […]

Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365 — A winning combination

One of the great advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with Microsoft Office 365 – We like to call it the Microsoft advantage and you can take full advantage of integrating all of your business software into a single system, D365.  Here are 4 examples of how Dynamics 365 integrates with Office 365:  1. Microsoft Excel and Dynamics 365  One of the great things about Excel […]