Sales Success by Enabling Your Indirect Salesforce

Does your company sell products and services through an indirect sales channel? Do you leverage agents, brokers, or other? I met with the president of a company in the financial services space that has over 1000 agents/brokers to sell their products. To date they have been successful but the issue we discussed was how much more difficult […]

13 Tips For Increasing Sales Productivity in 2013

Make a resolution to be more productive in 2013. Follow these 13 tips, and you’ll see your sales productivity will skyrocket. Learn a new sales approach Instead of getting stuck on one sales technique, keep your mind open and be ready to adapt to your prospect. Going into the sale with an open mind enables […]

Five Crucial Tips for Effective Prospect Research

Phone calls are the main interaction platform between customers and businesses. Over 92% of the average customers report that they interact with businesses mainly through phone calls. However, 85% of them claim to be dissatisfied with the phone calls. So how can sales reps prepare their calls to get better customer responses? Determine the Call […]

Growth Plans for 2013

Are you in the midst of business planning for fiscal 2013? If you’re not planning to grow revenue next year, no need to read any further.  If sales growth is a big part of your critical success factors; you may want to consider the key elements of Sales Excellence. What can you do to drive […]

RIP… cold calling is Dead… or is it?

If you do an internet search for Cold calling you will find tons of opinions on this topic. Here is mine… Cold Calling is not dead!  In my opinion we live in a time where cold calling is more effective now than ever before. Why…?  Let me explain. In the past we were taught to […]