CRMD-HSO launches new Blueprint solution for Credit Unions

The Financial Services industry is incredibly competitive and constantly evolving. For Credit Unions, that means they must evolve to meet the challenges of the new, modern environment. With customers demanding more automated services and increasingly less likely to stay with a financial institution out of loyalty it is vital that a modern Credit Union stay on top of the latest technologies. Credit Unions must be responsive to their members. However, they need to be responsible to their members and thus must justify every expense in ways that a traditional bank may not have to.   

The expense of a fully customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation may scare off some Credit Unions. It may seem easier to just keep doing what they are already doing in the hopes that they keep pace.  After all, change can be difficult. For many Credit Unions the thought of migrating from a legacy system to a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be intimidating. We are creatures of habit, after all, and a familiar system is understandable, if not as effective as it once was. It was with this in mind that CRM Dynamics an HSO Company created its Blueprint solutions. Today, we are proud to extend the Blueprint model into the Credit Union industry.  

CRM Dynamics has been in the CRM implementation business for more than 20 years and has been exclusively a Microsoft shop for more than a decade. During that time we have implemented more than 700 customized Microsoft CRM projects. Along the way, we started to notice similarities in the projects. Although every project had unique needs, the majority of functionality was often the same in similar companies. 

Credit Unions all needed a way to process dues, charities needed fundraising capabilities and sales-based businesses needed ways to track leads. So, we created our Blueprint model to reflect that reality. 

Experience Driven solutions

Based on our experience we have identified key requirements for various industries and included them in our core design. This provides a cost-effective solution with seamless integration to existing work processes.  

Like the above mentioned industries, there are similarities to all Credit Union projects. Those similarities form the core of our new Credit Union Blueprint.  

CUB provides insights and advantages, including: 
– System Unification – Unified all departments into one confidentially segregated system.
– Exceptional Sales and Marketing Tools – Campaign management, up-selling and cross-selling products between branch nationwide. 
– Comprehensive customer insights — 360-degree view of clients provides you with understanding of customer experience. 

CUB also provides access to the powerful Dynamics 365 Dashboards. They provide your Credit Union with quick-view insights that show key performance indicators and other important data. The ability to instantly see how you are performing will allow you to make quick changes to how things are getting done, before it becomes a problem. 

If you would like a demo of how CUB will benefit your Credit Union, give our experts a shout!