4 Ways to Build Support for a CRM Implementation

As a manager, you’ve been convinced that a CRM is needed to drive your workplace to the next level. You’ve done the research and are aware of the value of the software. However, you need to build support with the ownership and C-Level management if the company is going to take that step.

Here are 4 ways to build support for CRM investment that even the most conservative C-Level or owner can’t ignore.

Happy customers buy more

Study after study has shown that positive customer experiences lead to increased repeat sales. And, we all know that it is much easier to keep a current customer than it is to find a new one.

So, why would you not want to have a tool that can allow you to serve your customer’s more efficiently and to treat them with a personal touch?

A good CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do just that.

Customers would rather feel valued than save a couple bucks

Obviously, any business needs to be aware of how they stack up price-wise with their competition. However, price does not have to be the most important factor. In fact, studies have shown that most customers value their experience over the cost of the product.

So, instead of trying to cut corners to lower the cost by a few pennies, take the extra step to ensure a positive customer experience.

Again, a CRM solution will provide you with the tools to do that – your customer experience will become the main product differentiator, not price.

Knowledge is power

Nothing gives you a better understanding of your business than the 360 degree performance view that a CRM like D365 provides.

The ability to see trends emerging – both positive and negative – allows you to make changes to your processes in real time.

If you see something isn’t working you can immediately fix it. Conversely, when you hit on an effective strategy you’ll know right away so that you can double down on the efforts.

You have a crystal ball

Projections shouldn’t be guessing games. Yet, too often that’s exactly what they are. Without good data, managers are forced to make assumptions about the future and then cross their fingers and hope.

Dynamics 365 takes the guessing away. You are able to make projections based on good data and with confidence that they are evidence based.

You can avoid surprises and better plan for the future. And, that should make everyone happy.

At CRM Dynamics we are committed to working with companies to help them get the most out of their CRM implementation. Our job isn’t to just sell you software, but rather to help you integrate a software solution.

Basically, we take the guess work out of CRM implementation!

If you’d like to take to one of our experts, let us know.