Business Benefit Realization

Business Benefit realization and organizational change management is a strategy that focuses on assessing each stage of implementation. Our strategy is tailored to each client project, to ensure our clients are supported with a structured approach to their digital transformation as well as the culture and needs of your business.

Business Benefit realization bridges the gap between governance and change management. Our purpose of the benefits realization strategy is to ensure that your investment holds true to its strategic purpose. We aim for your objectives to be met and have built a robust gated process that regularly reviews the alignment to the desired direction with specific activities at each checkpoint.

Each checkpoint is designed to assess how a client is tracking to benefit realization from both a people adoption and consumption perspective. As a result, a report of benefits realization tracking any issues, risks, and concerns along with mitigation recommendations. As you can see in the diagram below, checkpoints are provided at each release, and the following methodology will be followed in order to conduct each checkpoint:

  • Onboarding support to your company’s assigned Change Management Lead
  • Regular touch points with this appointed Change Management Lead and CRMD-HSO’s Change Management Consultant
  • Check-ins with key stakeholders and sponsors
  • Meetings with your team 3 and 6 months after go-live, to review the results and help address Change Management and adoption challenges