How Call Centers benefit from Unified Service Desk

The Unified Service Desk feature in Dynamics 365 is the perfect way to ensure you are effectively optimizing your call center staffing levels. Here’s why:

Running a Call Center has never been more challenging than it is today. You are expected to do more with less staffing resources than in the past. Customers are savvy and not afraid to pull their business with you if they feel that they aren’t getting the service they think they deserve.

Even the name Call Center is misleading. Today, a Call Center usually does much more than answer the telephone. Agents answer emails, chats, engage with customers through text messages, social channels, self-service websites, and website reviews. And, agents are often expected to do all that with multiple customers at the same time.

It can seem like an impossible task, but Unified Service Desk can make it manageable.

Typically, Call Centers track five key performance indicators. They are:

1. Average Handle Time

The average amount of time an agent spends engaged with a customer. Reducing this by even a second can translate into millions in savings.

2. Average After Call Work

How much post-call time the agent is taking. Every second an agent spends doing After Call Work is taking away valuable customer facing time.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Generally measured as a yes or no, or on a 10 point scale.

4. First Call Resolution

How often a customer concern is solved adequately in a single call. This generally correlates with Customer satisfaction.

5. Utilization

The percentage of an agent’s time actually spent engaged with customers.

How does Unified Service Desk help?

This is how Unified Service Desk helps to improve all of those key tracking areas.

Unified access to customer information

Unified Service Desk brings all a customer’s information onto a single interface. That allows the agent to deliver fast and accurate customer service.

Quick and easy to customize:

Customizing the software to your Call Center’s needs can be done without the need to code. This significantly reduces the time and cost to build and customize agent applications.

The Microsoft advantage:

If you’re already taking advantage of the power of Dynamics 365, Unified Service Desk can be managed centrally using the familiar interface of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Smart multitasking:

Agents are able to handle multiple customer sessions at once without losing the contextual information of each interaction. By having that information easily available you can reduce customer frustration and decrease call time.

Security reassurance:

You can rest easy that the data stored in your system is safe since Unified Service Desk uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 security model to govern access to the entities and configuration data.

Create consistent messaging with scripts:

The interface can provide agents with appropriate scripts to ensure a consistent customer interaction.  In turn, customer satisfaction will rise.

If you want to learn more about the Unified Service Desk, sign up for our free webinar on the subject on Aug 22.

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