Case Study: S. Clause Toys Inc.

At CRM Dynamics an HSO Company we have been approached with many difficult challenges over the years, but none were as complicated as the project we were approached to undertake this past year.  

A large, multi-national toy distribution operation was in need of modernizing its operations. Single-family owned for generations, it was important that this operation stay in touch with its history, which is looking for new ways to improve their workflows.  

What follows is a case study of how we implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the toy distribution company S. Clause* Toys Inc. 

Pain Points    

S. Clause Toys Inc. approached us with several unique problems that they needed Dynamics 365 to solve.  

They included: 

  1. Distribution – There was a need to maximize the efficiency of the delivery process. With a very limited and antiquated fleet of vehicles to deliver the toys it was vital that the system identify and help deliver efficiencies to the whole process.  
  2. Language – The company delivers to multiple countries, so it was vital that any software be functional in multiple languages
  3. Synchronizing departments — S. Clause Toys Inc. is a complex organization with many multiple parts. The solution needed to allow for these moving parts to successfully function as a single, efficient organization.   
  4. Employee education – With constantly evolving technology advances in toy manufacturing, it is important for S. Clause Toys Inc.’s staff to keep up with the latest trends. 
  5. Maximized visibility –– S. Clause Toys Inc. maintains two important distribution lists that need to be constantly observed and acted upon.  

As you can see, S. Clause Toys Inc. is a highly complicated operation. We developed a Dynamics 365 solution that accomplished all of that and more.  

The Solution 

  1. S. Clause Toys Inc. had a unique problem in that it relies on a single transportation device to deliver all of its yearly merchandize in a single evening, across multiple time zones in varying environmental conditions. A challenge for sure! The CRM system allows the route to be developed to allow for an exceptionally efficient manner, with real-time communication from the field incorporated into the live data. That prevented any surprises during the delivery night.  
  2. CRM Dynamics an HSO Company, we offer a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that is fully functional in French, English and Spanish. With some simple alterations we were able to make the software working with nearly every language in the world, including languages that are read from right to left on the screen.
  3. It was vital that the various departments at S. Clause Toys Inc. communicate effectively. The entire operation is dependent on the manufacturing department coordinating with the wish fulfillment and compliance departments before sending the proper workflows to distribution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for all communications between departments to be tracked and available for future reference. This ensured that everyone at S. Clause Toys Inc. always knew what they were supposed to be doing, when they are supposed to be doing it.  
  4. S. Clause Toys Inc. has remained very loyal to its toy manufacturing employees over the years. Although admirable, it presents a unique challenge in that the staff need to constantly evolve in their toy making skills. S. Clause Toys Inc. handles this with an extensive continuing education program that is tracked effectively through Dynamics 365. Staff members are automatically alerted when they are required to upgrade their skills, and managers are informed after the staff member has completed their required training. 
  5. The Compliance Department at S. Clause Toys Inc. plays a significant and important role. All potential clients are divided into two separate, and opposite lists. However, the position of any individual on the list is variable from day to day and it is important for S. Clause Toys Inc. to keep tabs on where people are placed. With Dynamics 365 powerful Dashboards, S. Clause Toys Inc. can keep a live 360-degree view of those lists. 

Helping S. Clause Toys Inc. solve their problems was an absolute pleasure for CRM Dynamics an HSO Company– just as it was a pleasure to help the hundreds of companies that we worked with in 2019.  

Whatever your business pain points are, we will be there for you in 2020. So, give us a call today! 

*Any similarities to Santa Claus is fully intentional

Happy Holidays!