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4 ways Non-Profit Blueprint helps you better serve your members

It is a demanding time to be working at a Non-Profit. In times of economic uncertainty, Non-Profits are expected to do more, with less resources than they had in the past. It is vital that those working in the sector have the tools they need to efficiently manage their members, while ensuring that they are best prepared when serving their community.   Non-Profit Blueprint is […]

Employee Spotlight: Product Marketing Lead Jared Teed

Jerad Teed

CRM Dynamics prides itself in the diversity of our staff’s experience. To highlight that, we present the Employee Spotlight.   This month we learn about our Product Marketing Lead, Jared Teed.  Read on to find out more about Jared!  Background  After attending the University of Lethbridge, Jared moved back to Calgary. There he first worked in a SaaS Marketing role and developed an appreciation for the power of Microsoft’s business […]