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Dynamics 365 implementation failure: How it happens and how CRMD can fix it

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complex program and it requires a skilled team of developers, consultants and Project Managers to implement the software without problems. Unfortunately, not all implementation partners are able to provide a robust solution that meets all of their client’s needs. At CRM Dynamics we have the experience needed to fix Dynamics 365 implementation […]

How to Avoid CRM Failures

 A CRM failure is every company’s biggest fear when it comes to implementing a new system.  In fact, a fear of failure is often the biggest roadblock to a company agreeing to undertake a CRM implementation.  After all, the failure rate is well-established and intimidating. But, you don’t have to be one of the 63% if you do […]

How Microsoft Dynamics Can Help Credit Unions Compete in the Financial Services Industry

Knowledge is power. That’s the case with almost everything, but when it comes to the ability of Credit Unions to compete in the financial services industry it is especially true.One of the best ways to compete in the Financial Services industry is to have more information than your competitors. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can provide the […]

CRM Dynamics’ Blueprint solutions offer industry leading security for non-profit organizations and associations.

Cyber Security is important for everyone. However, in the non-profit world it is particularly vital that donors and supporters feel confident that your organization can be trusted with their donations. Unfortunately, that trust can be lost by things that may not even be in your full control.  A security shortcoming that is tied to a […]

How start-ups benefit from a CRM (and how you can afford Microsoft Dynamics 365)

We all love a story of a successful start-up business. The success of entrepreneurs drives the economy and innovation.   However, starting a new business isn’t without challenges – huge challenges. If that wasn’t the case more people would be out doing it. Chief among those challenges is finding the cash to invest in the type of […]

Why Travel businesses need CRM more than ever

Every industry has been affected by changes in the way we work and live. However, few industries have been as adversely impacted as the travel industry. Now, more than ever, it is vital that travel businesses have a CRM system that allows them to adjust to a new digital workplace reality.   People will always want to travel. Travel businesses […]

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