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Artificial Intelligence and the future of business

The history of business is often a history of new, hot trends. Things you must have to make it. And things that haven’t always lived up to the hype.  That can lead to business owners becoming reluctant to embrace new technology. They take a “show me don’t tell me” approach. That’s understandable, but it’s important to be open to actually […]

Case Study: S. Clause Toys Inc.

At CRM Dynamics we have been approached with many difficult challenges over the years, but none were as complicated as the project we were approached to undertake this past year.   A large, multi-national toy distribution operation was badly in need of modernizing its operations. Single-family owned for generations, it was important that this operation stay […]

Basic CRM terms, part 3 – Leads and opportunities

As we continue our look at basic Microsoft terms, this month we look at Leads and Opportunities. If you strip D365 down to its essence, Leads and Opportunities represent the core of any sales-based organization.   Your ability to effectively manage your pipeline is vital to your success and D365 is an ideal tool for helping you do just […]