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Top 5 Things Your CRM Administrator Needs to Know!

Are you and your organization new to Dynamics 365? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information and learning materials, but don’t know where to start? At CRM Dynamics we recognize that “with great power comes great responsibility” and this is especially true if you are chosen as the Administrator for your organization’s […]

Set up a Subscription Center in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the strongest approaches used to connect with prospects and customers, as there is no channel with a wider reach. Businesses can do a lot of with emails– sell products, increase brand awareness, improve cart abandonment rate, or even share a story. All in all, because email is one of the most […]

How to manage people in a CRM implementation

We all know change can be difficult for many people, especially when it comes to a technological implementation. Without a plan, it’s common for employees and even Senior Leadership to feel overwhelmed with the change—  leading people to revert to an old way of doing things, or worse, the changes being totally scrapped.Change Management allows […]

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