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Why are companies choosing Dynamics 365 over other CRM competitors?

A business’s budget is one of the most critical factors when evaluating software solutions. Microsoft makes Dynamics 365 licensing much simpler to understand when compared to other CRM competitors. On the surface, Salesforce’s essentials license appears to have a very attractive $25/user/month entry point, but businesses should examine the details carefully. When it comes to a […]

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM – and how it makes you more successful and competitive firm?

Switching from traditional software to CRM is a big step. The software you implement will not only transform the way you and your team work but will also improve your business intelligence. Considering the decision, it makes sense that you would want to make the right choice and given the variety of options on the […]

How Dynamics 365 customized workflows make you more efficient and profitable

One of the most useful features in Dynamics 365 is the ability to create customized workflows. In fact, customized workflows make you more efficient and profitable. Yet, many users fail to fully utilize this powerful tool. Let’s look at 3 ways customized workflows make you more efficient and profitable. No 1: Stay on top of […]

Why are Companies Choosing Dynamics 365 Over Salesforce?

Are you wondering why companies are choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 over Salesforce? Our Marketing Consultant, Cassandra Smith sat down with our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rob Triggs, to get a real life insight into what’s really happening in the market place. ————— Cassandra: Why are companies choosing Dynamics 365 over Salesforce? Rob: Primarily […]

A Consultant’s Advice on Migrating from SalesForce to Dynamics 365

Download My SalesForce Pre-Migration Checklist If you’re considering moving from SalesForce to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you probably have a few questions. Sit down with our Marketing Consultant, Cassandra, and our expert on SalesForce Migrations (and Business Analyst), Aline. ——————— Cassandra: So I’ve been told that you are our resident expert for SalesForce to Dynamics 365 […]