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Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365 — A winning combination

One of the great advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with Microsoft Office 365 – We like to call it the Microsoft advantage and you can take full advantage of integrating all of your business software into a single system, D365.  Here are 4 examples of how Dynamics 365 integrates with Office 365:  1. Microsoft Excel and Dynamics 365  One of the great things about Excel is that most people have experience using it. That […]

April 2019 Dynamics 365 update: Virtual Agent

The April 2019 Dynamics 365 update continues Microsoft’s commitment to Artificial Intelligence technology.   In fact, the update includes three entirely new AI apps – Virtual Agent, Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.   Today we are going to look at Virtual Agent for Customer Service.   To read the entire April 2019 Dynamics 365 update, download the .pdf here.  Virtual Agent   Virtual Agent […]

How Dynamics 365 customized workflows make you more efficient and profitable

One of the most useful features in Dynamics 365 is the ability to create customized workflows. In fact, customized workflows make you more efficient and profitable. Yet, many users fail to fully utilize this powerful tool. Let’s look at 3 ways customized workflows make you more efficient and profitable. No 1: Stay on top of […]

Chart your course to success with Dynamics 365: Charts and Dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Charts and Dashboards are one of the most powerful features in Microsoft’s CRM solution. They allow you to see a 360degree view of your business and efficiently display data that allows you to understand key performance metrics in real-time. By better understanding how you are performing, you can make immediate changes to […]

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