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Meet ‘Penny,’ CRM Dynamics’ AI-enhanced brandable chatbot for Financial Services

Financial services organizations are increasingly looking to balance the value of digital banking with the benefits of human and personal touch.   According to McKinsey, “60% of active banking customers use digital channels.”  This is only increasing in our current COVID-19 climate.  However, sales of new products and services – is still very much an analog process. […]

Drive Your Success with the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft has always been a leader in the business space – from Office 365 to Dynamics 365 and beyond. With the intention of providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed; Microsoft is driving digital transformation to even greater heights with Microsoft Power Platform. What is the Microsoft Power Platform?  In simple terms, the Microsoft […]

7 reasons to make the switch to Microsoft Marketing for Dynamics 365

The importance of Marketing to your operation can’t be stressed enough. Without attracting the right attention at the right time, your business can stall.    Even with the best sales professionals and processes, you need the right tools on the Marketing side to attract high quality leads and help convert more opportunities to sales.  There is where CRM Dynamics and Microsoft can help.   Over the last few years Microsoft […]

Why Travel businesses need CRM more than ever

Every industry has been affected by changes in the way we work and live. However, few industries have been as adversely impacted as the travel industry. Now, more than ever, it is vital that travel businesses have a CRM system that allows them to adjust to a new digital workplace reality.   People will always want to travel. Travel businesses […]

Booking Portal for D365 helps funeral service providers better serve clients

better serve clients

Customers in any industry want the convenience of obtaining goods and services online, from who, when and where they need it. And, as a funeral service provider you want to meet those expectations to better serve clients. The ability to provide assistance in this way isn’t just good business sense, it’s also humane and empathetic. […]

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