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3 Ways Our Construction Blueprint Will Help You Win More Business

Relationships are key in the construction industry and much of the day-to-day business is still done the old-fashioned way – through building solid personal relationships all along the supply chain.   Networking and personal relationship building will always remain of vital importance. However, construction supply companies should also be looking to embrace technologies that can set them apart.   In fact, a […]

D365 Booking Portal can help Educational institutions better serve their community

The move towards a digital education space was already happening before the global shutdown due to COVID-19. However, the pandemic has expedited that process and it requires that educational institutions make changes to better serve their community in these times. That is the case for all schools everywhere, whether they are in the Higher Educational, […]

Face to Face selling is Dead! Virtual Selling Guide for Dynamics 365 sales leaders

   Face to Face selling is Dead! Virtual Selling Guide for Dynamics 365 sales leaders By Rob Triggs – Sales Excellence Advisor CRM Dynamics  First I hope you and your family are safe and have the necessities to make it through the coming weeks and months!   I’m hoping this post can give you a much-needed distraction from the non-stop […]

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