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4 reasons why Membership Associations should track continuing education

One of the most important things a Membership Association does is track continuing education for its members. However, without an effective CRM system this can be a time consuming task for associations that are already stretched thin. Here are 4 reasons why Membership Associations should track continuing education. 1 – Making sure best practices are […]

What’s the best CRM for charities?

As anyone that works in the charity world knows, fundraising is a year-round effort. You need to be constantly running campaigns and taking advantage of everything at your disposal to give you an edge in the hyper-competitive world of fundraising. That’s why you need to use CRM for charities. However, the amount of money allocated […]

How Dynamics 365 benefits non-profits

CRM software isn’t just for sales-based businesses nowadays. Learn how Dynamics 365 benefits non-profits too! When most people think of a non-profit organization, they probably think of a small, earnest office full of people that are doing their best with limited resources. The staff are motivated by a cause rather than profits and growth – […]

A new CRM for Membership Associations

Although the benefits of moving to a CRM for Membership Associations are obvious to most, it can be a challenge to find the right solution that is easily adapted and affordable. After all, change can be difficult. For many Membership Associations the thought of migrating from a legacy system to a CRM system such as […]

3 Key Aspects to Member Retention for Membership Associations.

There are few things more important for a Membership Association than member retention. And, although many Membership Association’s are doing a good job – according to the 2017 Membership Marketing Benchmark Report the mean retention of all Membership Associations was 79% in 2016 (77% in individual member associations and 88% in trade associations) – but […]

Why effective use of Social Media is vital for Membership Associations

By now, it’s universally understood that Social Media is an important tool for Membership Associations. However, the how and why of that can remain a mystery to many. It’s one thing to say ‘We need a Twitter account!’ It’s quite another to understand why your association needs to be active on Social Media and what […]