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Effectively generate leads into your CRM using Web Forms within Dynamics 365 Marketing

Collecting contact information from potential clients is the first step to knowing and growing your customer list, and, with it, your business. Lead generation forms are crucial as they help collect information from anonymous web visitors and convert them into leads. Besides collecting information on potential clients, they are also intended to update one or […]

How to Set up a Web Form in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Websites today have evolved from acting as a static company information board to a two-way street in terms of communication. You can identify who has visited your website, the pages they viewed, time spent browsing and more. But where things have really changed is having the ability to give your anonymous visitor a persona using […]

Top 7 Best Practices for A/B testing and D365 Marketing

Every marketer knows that when it comes to sending emails, getting clicks and having your customers or target customers engage with your content can be challenging. That’s why testing your content and seeing how it performs is super important with Dynamics 365 Marketing A/B testing! So, what is A/B testing? A/B testing (or sometimes known as […]

How to create a marketing email and go live with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing provides an advanced digital-content designer for creating and styling various types of digital content. The designer features a drag-and-drop interface for building and working with templates, plus an optional HTML editor for working directly with code.  In this blog we will describe how to work with the Dynamics 365 Marketing designer to […]

How to Use Dynamic Content in Emails within Microsoft Marketing?

Batch-and-blast marketing is no longer an effective technique for marketing campaigns. Generic emails often lead to blanket unsubscribes and lost opportunities where as personalized messages give your audience quality content over quantity.With Microsoft Marketing you can create personalize emails using dynamic content without having to create multiple versions of emails for different contacts. Dynamic content […]

Set up a Subscription Center in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the strongest approaches used to connect with prospects and customers, as there is no channel with a wider reach. Businesses can do a lot of with emails– sell products, increase brand awareness, improve cart abandonment rate, or even share a story. All in all, because email is one of the most […]

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