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3 Reasons to Read our Latest Case Study on canfitpro

Back in February of this year, canfitpro launched Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service.  Like all businesses, canfitpro had to quickly adapt to the new normal that came in March of 2020; This case study examines their personalized path to Digital Transformation and the impact it had on their business processes and overall survival.  In […]

Fall 2019 update: A/B testing

Over the past year, Microsoft has invested a great deal of resources into its Marketing platform. That was reflected in the Fall 2019 update, which saw Microsoft Marketing for D365 take leaps and bunds forward.   As we continue to look at the highlights of the Fall D365 update, we will explore one particular feature in Microsoft Marketing […]

CRM in a post-secondary institution: The perfect fit

Are you struggling with the decision of whether to implement CRM in a post-secondary institution? Learn why a CRM solution is a perfect fit for colleges and universities looking to modernize their operations. Running a post-secondary education institution requires many of the same qualities as running a large business. The only difference is that rather […]

Happy Data Privacy Day! How to be Compliant Without Interrupting your Business

Security Day

“Don’t let Privacy Laws prevent you from selling” —Rob Triggs, VP Sales and Marketing CRM Dynamics January 28 is Data Privacy Day in Canada and other countries. The fact that data privacy has its own day is a testament to just how important the subject has become. The online resource Identity Guard has published its […]