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CRM in a post-secondary institution: The perfect fit

Are you struggling with the decision of whether to implement CRM in a post-secondary institution? Learn why a CRM solution is a perfect fit for colleges and universities looking to modernize their operations. Running a post-secondary education institution requires many of the same qualities as running a large business. The only difference is that rather […]

Happy Data Privacy Day! How to be Compliant Without Interrupting your Business

Security Day

“Don’t let Privacy Laws prevent you from selling” —Rob Triggs, VP Sales and Marketing CRM Dynamics January 28 is Data Privacy Day in Canada and other countries. The fact that data privacy has its own day is a testament to just how important the subject has become. The online resource Identity Guard has published its […]

Convert more leads with Smarketing™

Great! Someone came to your website and you have a lead … now what? Companies have invested so much time and money in their; web site, social media tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Management (SEM) and digital marketing. They are leveraging the way people and companies now shop for products and services on […]

Is your content a perfect 10?

If I had to rate the gated content on our site, I’d say we’ve hit a sweet spot. With the launch of our stylish new site, we have the ability to offer visitors downloadable content for the very first time. Essentially, we’ve made our site on-demand, allowing visitors to take what they like and read […]

Sales Ready Data

Are your sales and marketing staff tired of using stale databases with incomplete customer information? Microsoft Dynamics has teamed up with the venerable Scott’s Directory to provide you with a dynamic updated customer data tool that will allow you to better target your prospects. By integrating licensed Scott’s data and your Dynamics CRM database, you’ll […]