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Transparency in the remote office

Employees love working from home.    There are so many advantages – less time spent in the car or transit, a better work-life balance and just generally less stress.   However, there is one type of worker that is a little less reluctant about the concept.     The owners and supervisors. To them, old habits die hard. They […]

The Unified Interface is coming this summer – be ready!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly versatile program that is constantly evolving to reflect a changing work environment. Microsoft is always adding apps that allow workers to do their job more effectively, from wherever they need to do it from.   With the new Dynamics 365 Unified Interface that commitment has been solidified, along with advanced capabilities that work across desktop, mobile, and Outlook.  […]

Better customer service with Microsoft AI technology

A major focus of Microsoft’s focus today is in improving the ways that Artificial Intelligence can improve your business. AI is a technology that excites people. It seems like something from a science fiction television program and it makes many people excited to see what the future may bring.   But, the thing about AI is that you don’t […]

Millennials in the workplace: Unlocking the mysteries

The business world has changed more than most people realize. And businesses that do not adopt are bound to fall behind.   That was the message conveyed by the Canadian Professional Sales Association this week at the Executive Workshop for Sales Leaders, which they co-hosted with CRM Dynamics at Microsoft Canada’s Mississauga office on Oct 24, 2019.   One area the CPSA highlighted […]

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