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Discover how the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (MRSs) can help your Business

Together, LinkedIn and Microsoft have created the most compelling offer of its kind – the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (MRSs). MRSs is designed to empower your sales team to have a more personalized and valuable interaction with prospects and customers. The solution combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator giving […]

Improve Your Up and Cross-Selling with Dynamics 365

In our desire to always be chasing new opportunities, we can often ignore the increased revenue possibilities that are already in our sales’ pipelines through up and cross-selling. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can maximize those opportunities and give your revenue a boost.The key to maximizing this potential comes in the “related products” tab in your sales dashboard. […]

Increasing Sales with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

For many small to medium-sized companies, your current accounting and business management systems may not be keeping up as your company grows in size and complexity.  Replacing these legacy systems can understandably be looked at as an intimidating task and may be overshadowed by more pressing portions of your overall business. Unfortunately, the cost of […]