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Increase sales with LinkedIn integration in Dynamics 365

It’s no longer a secret that good sales people are utilizing Social Media to maximize their sales prospecting. LinkedIn, in particular, is an effective tool that sales professionals should be constantly mining for new leads. Dynamics 365 recognizes this with LinkedIn integration in the Sales Navigator widget.   You can expect even more LinkedIn integration in the Fall 2018 Dynamics […]

Convert more leads, win more deals and more accurately forecast with Dynamics 365

Download My SalesForce Pre-Migration Checklist Are you making the most of your leads? Chances are if you’re using Salesforce the answer is no. We’ve polled over 50 companies in Ontario that use and we are seeing an alarming trend. It has become apparent that businesses that are using Salesforce as their CRM system are […]

What is a 360-degree view of your customer, why you need it, and why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best way to get it

360 View of your Client

There’s an old expression that knowledge is power. In business, knowledge is much more than that. Properly harnessed and managed, knowledge makes money, saves time, strengthens relationships, and grows your business. And there is no better tool on the market to help you reap the benefits of knowledge than Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Having readily available […]

Sales Leads are Gold

One of my favourite movies of all time is Glengarry Glenross. My favorite scene is when Alec Baldwin, playing the part of a hotshot executive “on a mission of mercy,” bursts into a sales office like a demented tractor, crushing the hopeless salespeople’s self-esteem and confidence with reckless abandon. He ends his tirade by offering […]