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Recap: Thrive Event

For many small to medium-sized companies, your current accounting and business management systems may not be keeping up as your company grows in size and complexity.  Replacing these legacy systems can understandably be looked at as an intimidating task and may be overshadowed by more pressing portions of your overall business. Unfortunately, the cost of […]

Why Travel businesses need CRM more than ever

Every industry has been affected by changes in the way we work and live. However, few industries have been as adversely impacted as the travel industry. Now, more than ever, it is vital that travel businesses have a CRM system that allows them to adjust to a new digital workplace reality.   People will always want to travel. Travel businesses […]

The future of contact centers is remote – how letting your contact center staff work from home makes sense for everyone

The importance of being flexible about where your employees work from has never been more important. As the workplace evolves, companies that are tied to the office are falling behind.   However, the move to a remote office may seem unrealistic for those running a large customer contact center. After all, this is an industry that has […]

Maintaining effective phone communication while transitioning to a remote workplace

Many organizations are struggling with adjusting to a remote workenvironment. This is particularly the case when it comes to maintainingeffective phone communication.   It may seem like a minor issue – in many ways we take the phone forgranted. However, maintaining effective phone communication isn’t always easy,especially when you have moved away from the physical infrastructure […]