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Recap: Thrive Event

If you missed our Thrive event on January 21st, it was a strategic session designed to give business leaders a chance to take stock of the digital transformation that’s taken place over the past 12 months, and how it can be applied to your organization and industry. Here’s a quick summary of the top takeaways from […]

Benefits of Direct Booking with D365 integrated Portal Blueprint

The benefits of Direct Booking in certain industries are well known. The travel industry, for instance, has long touted the benefits of direct booking to its members and having a booking portal has become the norm across that industry.   However, you do not have to work in travel to take advantage of the benefits of direct booking.  Any […]

Maintaining effective phone communication while transitioning to a remote workplace

Many organizations are struggling with adjusting to a remote work environment. This is particularly the case when it comes to maintaining effective phone communication.   It may seem like a minor issue – in many ways we take the phone for granted. However, maintaining effective phone communication isn’t always easy, especially when you have moved away […]

CRM Dynamics, a Dynamics 365 Inner Circle Partner and Solgari, a Premium ISV Connect Partner announce joint plan for North America.

 Growing demand in Canada & USA for business applications built on Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.  Dublin & Toronto – April 6th 2020 – Solgari, the provider of the Dynamics 365 All-Channel Solution, and CRM Dynamics, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Inner Circle Partner, today announced their strategic partnership to deliver their joint ISV solutions into the North American market.  Solgari is […]