Dynamics 365 chat drives success

As the old adage says, ‘The customer is always right.” It doesn’t matter whether you are selling to consumers or to other businesses, you need to remain responsive to their needs. Dynamics 365 chat is the tool you need to ensure that you are doing just that.  

Study after study has shown that customers value good customer service over almost everything else – including price. If you provide people with what they want, they will be loyal to you.   

One thing that is an absolute necessity for a business in the digital era is to have a customer service chat. Yet, many companies have either failed to provide this basic function, or if they have it is not an effective version of a chat program. 

As stated, this is a mistake. Here are 4 reasons why you should have the Dynamics 365 chat function on your website:    

It fits customer’s needs 

We all live busy lives and your customers are no different. Although buying your product is an important chore for them to complete, it has to fit into their day along with many other activities. With a chat feature they can hop on at their convenience and, if there is a back log of requests, they can get other things accomplished while waiting for your customer service agent to respond.  


When combined with effective chat bots, you can answer the vast majority of customer questions without the need of human agents.  

While you might be leery of relying on chat bots for a significant part of your customer service interactions. You need mot. Today’s chat bots are smart, and they learn! That’s right, when you utilize Microsoft AI technology to run your chat bots are able to answer questions more effectively as they learn from each interaction that they have.  

It will save you money 

Often, the ability to utilize a live chat with chat bot technology will permit you to streamline your customer service operations. Without the need to hire more workers to handle basic customer inquiries you can have your remaining staff focused on handling more complex problems. That will keep those staff more engaged, which, in turn, will likely increase the amount of time that they stay with you.    

You’ll sell more 

One of the keys to selling is the simply act of asking your customer if they want to buy. When you are directly engaged with a customer it’s easy to offer them services that meet the need that they are looking to fill and get them to say yes to buying your product.  

For more information on how to incorporate a chat bot into your D365 solution to increase sales, simplify customer experiences and deliver value at every touch point then visit here today.