The construction business is a complex and highly competitive industry. To succeed, you need to take advantage of anything you can to gain an advantage

D365 integration

CRM Dynamics can help integrate ConstructConnect into Dynamics 365.  We have more than 20 years of experience in helping companies reach their goals and a large and experienced team of CRM experts. Additionally, we employ an  “assembly line” approach to design, which saves you both time and money.  CRMD is the right choice to integrate ConstructConnect and Dynamics 365. 

ConstructConnect doesn’t just help you find projects to bid on. It also automatically integrates all relevant data from those projects you chose to go after into your existing or new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. Important details like contacts, companies or products specified can easily be accessed to give you an advantage in the sales cycle.  

This all saves you time and ensures that the data is accurate since there is no manual transferring of information from external sources into your CRM.   

 With our Dynamics 365 and ConstructConnect integration you can get a leg up on your competition and win the most coveted contracts!

What is Construct Connect?

With ConstructConnect you are able to view and bid on projects based on the parameters that you set-up. You can isolate projects by size, geography, type, budget, or any criteria that is important to you.  Never again miss bidding on a desirable project and stop wasting your time bidding on projects that don’t fit your business plan.  

What will ConstructConnect Do for you?

Get better work! 
You can pinpoint your search to alert you to the projects that best meet your team’s skills and business goals.

Get more work! 
By having better access to latest available projects you will never miss out on bidding for a project again. 

Work smarter, not harder! 
Ultimately, ConstructConnect and Dynamics 365 can help you run your construction business more efficiently and allow you more time to do the things that matter most to you.

Stay on top of your opportunities!
With the power of Dynamics365, you can better handle multiple sales opportunities at once. With a 360 degree view of your operation you can make real-time adjustments to help you land the deal.