Construction Blueprint

Construction Blueprint

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Construction Blueprint can help companies build product demand and manage relationships with key stakeholders including Architects, Designers, Subcontractors, and General Contractors.

CRM Dynamics an HSO Company brings more than 20 years of experience in finding solutions to the problems that Construction products and services companies face.  With Construction Blueprint, your business can increase sales reach, bidding capacity, and win rate while optimizing resources and reducing your everyday workload. 

Our solution has a proven track record of streamlining all work processes, this includes customer-facing interactions and all backend aspects of the construction business. 

Project & Sales Visibility

  • Keep track of key project milestones from inception through to completion
  • Sales process visibility including lead generation, qualification, quoting, and forecasting
  • Manage key processes including sales, estimation, bidding, samples, and production

360 Degree Contact View

  • Promote the right products and services to key stakeholders, like Architects, Designers, Subcontractors and General Contractors
  • Optimize the bid process and track activity from multiple subcontractors
  • Stay in touch with your key contacts on a regular basis

Efficient Communication

  • Leverage built-in marketing and event capabilities
  • Allow your business to create and spread important messages and information quickly and effectively
  • Improve your responsiveness to project stakeholders

Dashboards & Reporting

  • Create internal reports for important metrics
  • Helpful reporting to improve forecasting and win rate
  • Gain a better understanding and visibility into your bidding process

Advanced Options Include

ERP Integration

ConstructConnect or Dodge Integration

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