Convert more leads with Smarketing™

Great! Someone came to your website and you have a lead … now what?

Companies have invested so much time and money in their; web site, social media tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Management (SEM) and digital marketing. They are leveraging the way people and companies now shop for products and services on line.  I say well done to you!!

So a lead comes in from a website in the form of an e-book download, then the person is handed over to sales for them to close the deal . . . wait a minute, that poor person just wanted to read about you and your solutions. They are not ready for a sales person to “HOUND” them! Even worse, the sales person does not want to hound someone that is not ready to buy.

I applaud the effort being taken by companies to leverage the digital world in their sales and marketing strategy, but don’t get mad at marketing for sending “BAD” leads, have sales and marketing work together.  We call this process SMarketing™ and help our customers with it everyday. I grew up at Xerox and learned all about how to sell. Now with much of the sales process happening online we must adjust our process and tools to reflect this change.  Feel free to take our no obligation assessment to rate how well your company is doing at SMarkting™. Click here to take our assessment.

We are helping companies every day in Toronto and the GTA increase sales with CRM. You can reach out to one of our Smarketing experts to have a discussion by clicking here.

Congratulations on developing those leads.  Manage them properly and see your sales soar!

Rob Triggs


Rob Triggs

Rob’s unique selling style makes him immediately relatable to customers. As a results oriented sales and marketing leader Rob works closely with customers to help shape how they drive value from CRM. Experienced in the most popular sales methodologies, Rob’s expertise lies in incorporating traditional outbound sales techniques with innovative inbound digital marketing and CRM. As a Fortune 100 award-winning sales professional and certified sales coach, Rob is a sought after sales resource, coach and speaker.