How to convince your staff to use CRM software

Anyone who has made the switch to a CRM software solution from a legacy system knows that a big challenge can be how to convince staff to use CRM software when they have gone their whole career without. Here are 5 ways to convince staff to use CRM software.  

The benefits of switching to a CRM system from a legacy system are plentiful for any type of company. However, the Field Services industry is particularly positioned to benefit from adopting the technology. Whether you’re an HVAC company or you are installing security alarms (or anything in between) an upgrade to CRM software solution is going to benefit you.  

In this first part of an ongoing series, we look at how to get your field technicians to buy into your new CRM software. This can be particularly challenging. It’s important too. Research has found that 71% of CRM failures are due to a lack of staff buy-in. In Field Services, it’s often a case of experienced technicians that have been doing things in a particular way for their whole career not understanding why they should change. 

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” they may claim. So, it is vital that you don’t just tell them to switch, but show them why the upgrade to CRM is going to make their work life better and easier. 

Here are six tips to help you do just that. 

Know what you’re trying to accomplish and explain it clearly 

The most important thing you can do is to understand what it is you hope to accomplish with your new CRM system. Too often managers just blindly adopt a CRM solution without focusing their efforts in any specific way.  

If you can’t identify what it is you are trying to accomplish, how can you expect your technicians to buy-in? Don’t expect technicians to read your mind.   

Identify what’s causing resistance 

Don’t assume that a change-adverse technician is just being stubborn or is fearful of change. Instead, listen to their concerns about the upgrade to CRM. 

And, then address those concerns. A common resistance to any type of automation is a fear by workers that it might put their jobs at risk. Take the time to explain that you are adopting a CRM solution to make the business more efficient and profitable, not to reduce the workforce.     

Don’t forget to train 

Training is vital. You can’t assume that everyone has the basic technology skills needed to adopt to a CRM system so take the time to have in-depth training and follow that up with regular training check ins.  

A technology mentoring system might be something to consider – team up technically skilled workers with those that are less tech oriented. Often peer-to-peer learning is more effective than a traditional classroom approach. 

Go slow  

You’ve waited this long to make the switch to a CRM solution. There’s no harm in taking a couple more months to make sure the conversion goes properly.  

If you throw too much change at your workers all at once they may balk at any change at all. That, in turn, can lead to them reverting back to the less efficient approaches they have used in the past.  

Allow your technicians to “test drive” the software before you make it mandatory to use. Have feedback sessions where technicians can voice their concerns and questions about how to use the CRM. And, if appropriate, make the adjustments necessary to allow for a smooth transition.

Make it worth their time 

You may already be using incentives or bonuses to motivate your technicians. Extend that to using the CRM software. That could take the form of individual prizes for technicians that use the software in a fashion you’d like to see, or as a group prize for hitting certain reporting benchmarks.     

Either way, by offering incentives you give a clear message to your workforce that you are serious about making the change.   

These are just a few ways that you can make a new CRM software solution can go more smoothly. If you’re interested in learning more about how your field services business can benefit from an upgrade to CRM, give us a shout!

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