Creating Solution to Make Minor Changes

Creating Solutions are an important way to track changes and manage customizations in your CRM via Power Apps. By using custom solutions to make changes, you are creating a paper-trail of sorts of the components you have customized and maintaining a clean back-end for your entire team.

Solutions can contain one or more apps and other components like tables, processes, flows and more! We’re going to take you through how to Create Solutions in your Sandbox followed by how to import into other environments to go live.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Solutions

Start by opening your Power Apps Portal and signing in. Next Navigate to “Solutions” on the left side panel.

Step 2: +New Solution

Select New Solution and then fill in the following required information.

  • Display Name
  • Name
  • Publisher
  • Version

Once you are satisfied with the information click Create. You have now created a new solution; however, it is any empty box and does not contain and components. In the following steps you will customize your solution by either creating new components or adding to the solution from existing components. First, locate your brand-new Solution from the list of Solutions by either scrolling or searching.

Step 3: +New or +Add existing

Let’s add an existing component to our Opportunity entity. Do this by selecting the drop-down menu next to +Add existing and selecting Table.

Step 4: Adding from Existing

Choose the table you’d like to work with. In this example we want to work with Account and then click Next. On the Next Screen you will be asked if you want to “Include all components” or “Include table metadata”, we don’t want to include either of these options so we will move on by clicking Add.

Step 5: Publish all Customizations

We recommend creating solutions in your Sandbox environment as a safety precaution. Once the Solution is working to your liking you can Publish all Customizations to push it to your Live Environment.

Solutions, like many other modifications in Power Apps can be as simple or complex as you need them to be. Possibilities are endless, and using this method, no coding is required making it accessible to Administrators from all backgrounds.

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