A CRM Solution made for Credit Unions

With the rise of digital transformation, more Credit Unions are leaning into the benefits of a CRM—to not only help expand their client list but to help develop longer-lasting, more profitable relationships with their clients.

With CRM Dynamics an HSO Company's  Credit Union Blueprint, Credit Unions can set themselves apart from big banks and address the everyday challenges and pain points of running a credit union business. Built within the Microsoft Dynamics platform, the solution is designed to provide your business with a 360-degree view of each member and allow operational control over Sales, Service, Marketing, and insights.

Does this sound interesting? Learn what our Blueprint can do:

1. 360-degree contact view:

Our Credit Union Blueprint gives you real-time customer data that allows you to understand your customers financial portfolio and promote rewards to up-sell through product recommendations. And the best part? The dashboard allows you to predict your customers needs, enabling you to provide the best customer experience possible.

2. Marketing Automation

Identifying key customers to send personalized offers to is a must when going against the big   banks—and our blueprint does just that! CRMD’s Credit Union Blueprint enhances your digital presence by identifying key customers to send personal communications to. Beyond this, the Blueprint allows you to manage events, manage CASL subscription lists, and track ROI by implementing referral programs to encourage more business.

3. Member Management

With integrated lead management, our Credit Union Blueprint has online application forms and live chat functionality that allows you to seamlessly follow up on incomplete applications and renewals. It also recommends alternatives to rejected applications and automates on-boarding and other customer journeys.

4. Reporting & Analytics

Leverage your data through cutting-edge AI and business intelligence to pull reports using Power BI to gain insights into your data within minutes. You are able to identify next-gen products based on customer reviews, renewals, sales, and reduce the effort of manual report creation.

5. Engagement Tracking

Track activities in-branch and engagements through web pages, emails, and forms. With the Credit Union Blueprint, employees can send communications for new promotions, products, rewards, and upcoming changes to targeted customers as well as use Microsoft Voice to conduct customer surveys.

6. Pipeline management 

With pipeline management, our Credit Union Blueprint enables visibility into potential renewals, customer retention and lost business allowing you to forecast renewals and increase your wallet share by gaining insights through lost opportunities.

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