CRM for University Admissions

Add a communications powerhouse to your Student Information System (SIS)

CRM and University Admissions

Manage your university admissions process using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and unleash a wealth of automated communication possibilities. ​As a result, you will boost your enrollment, minimize manual processes and speed up the administrative processes. 

We will integrate your existing Student Information System (SIS) with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This will make certain that your information remains consistent in each system. You can rely on the CRM to create personalized emails with accurate data that is delivered to each student. 

Automate Activities

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will be able to automate activities you do normally. This can include creating emails for student admissions. With a CRM connected to your SIS, processes can be automated for requesting missing information, notifications 

This means that you will be able to process more admissions, giving you an opportunity to reach a greater number of students. 

Get Connected

Connects to your current SIS, such as Banner, to turn it into a nimble, responsive tool for creating customized, automated communications for students.

Save Time

Saves time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Virtually eliminate human error, by automating essential processes. Your students will experience the difference. 

A Cost Effective Solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM costs a fraction of the price of an SIS, yet immensely boosts its productivity and capabilities.

It is my opinion that anyone and everyone considering the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution should consider the services of CRM Dynamics. They have the experience and people who will make sure your CRM project is a success. CRM Dynamics not only gets the technology inside and out, they understand business, and that’s critical.

Bruna Barbosa
Strategy Consultant

Constituency Relationship Management (CRM) is an inexpensive software system that connects to your existing SIS, unleashing a wealth of automated communications possibilities. Now you can create fast, custom communications with prospective, current, and past students and other constituents. It’s a true win-win for schools and students alike. Contact us today to learn how CRM can help your institution.