How D365 can help Credit Unions deliver better customer service

Credit Unions take great pride in the personal touch. It’d felt that what sets a Credit Union apart from a big bank is the customer service that they provide. Customers agree. For 14 straight years customers have voted Credit Unions as having better customer service than the big banks. But, you can’t afford to be complacent. To maintain that advantage Credit Unions need to be doing all that they can to maintain this advantage.   Learn how a CRM helps Credit Unions deliver better customer service.  

1. Communicating with clients 

The cornerstone to effective customer service is communicating. You need to anticipate what your customers need and let them know about it.  

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that all communication is the same. However, if you don’t target your messaging properly you can end up alienating your customers, not informing them. No one likes to get spam in their inbox. By keeping the messaging targeted and relevant to the client you can be seen as wanting to help them, not simply send them advertising.  

Dynamics 365 remembers a great deal about each customer interaction – much more than you could remember on your own – and allows for the exact type of tailored messaging that gets opened, gets read and gets acted on.  

2. Don’t just talk at the customer. Listen to them.  

Customer behaviour has changed in recent years. Whereas in the past a customer’s role was mostly passive, today they ask questions and do a lot of research before they even approach you. 

So, you need to do a better job at listing to what they are saying. 

A great way to keep tabs on wat customers are saying is through monitoring Social Media in Dynamics 365. There you’ll get an unfiltered opinion of what you are doing and, so long as you are open to hearing the feedback, you can make changes to address and perceived shortcomings 

3. Making the relationship personal 

Customers want to feel valued by their financial institutions. An easy way to do that is to make your interactions with the customer seem like two friends communicating rather than a cold, business interaction.  

A CRM system can allow you to keep tabs on personal milestones that your customers are experiencing. A little note wishing them a Happy Birthday or Anniversary can go a long way to keeping the relationship on solid ground.  

Doing so can also have a business advantage for you. If one of your customers is getting married then sending some information of how to plan to buy a home might be useful to them and beneficial to you. Another client is pregnant? Time to send RESP information! 

It’s a win-win and a CRM makes it easier to stay on top of those type of personal interactions       

4. Speed matters 

Increased competition and options for customers means that they are ore demanding of your time. If they have a question or concern they want it dealt with immediately.  Yet, many financial institutions remain stuck in the past – they get to customer feed back on the it time, not the customer’s.  

This is a mistake and an easy way to lose business. 

Dynamics 365 allows you to be on top of all correspondence and enables you to be fast in your response. Even if the issue isn’t fully resolved the customer will feel that they are valued by how quickly they are heard. In turn, they will be more patient as you work towards a resolution to their issue.    

If, as a Credit Union, you are looking to maintain the customer service advantage you have over the banks, Dynamics 365 is an invaluable tool. At CRMD-HSO we have helped more than 70 financial institutions implement D365. We have the experience and know-how to help guide your Credit Union through the process of a Dynamics365 implementation.  

Why not talk to our Credit Union specialist today to learn more about how D365 can help you!