CRM in a post-secondary institution: The perfect fit

Are you struggling with the decision of whether to implement CRM in a post-secondary institution? Learn why a CRM solution is a perfect fit for colleges and universities looking to modernize their operations.

Running a post-secondary education institution requires many of the same qualities as running a large business. The only difference is that rather than selling widgets to customers you’re selling knowledge to students.

Ironically, many higher educational institutions – supposed bastions of innovation  – often lag behind the corporate world when it comes to the use of technology. Despite being a near-perfect fit for CRM solutions, many schools still operate using outdated legacy systems.

Recently, CRM Dynamics an HSO Company teamed up with Toronto’s Humber College to tackle a significant issue Humber was having. Despite having a first-rate reputation and being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of potential students in Canada’s largest city, it was lagging behind other Ontario colleges in enrollment rates. Administrators at the school identified inefficiencies in the way offers were being sent to prospective students as a significant reason for that struggle.

Working together, Humber and CRMD-HSO came up with an easy-to-use solution that utilized the power of Dynamics 365. Once implemented, an offer process that previously took days was streamlined into hours. Students woke up to an offer from Humber in their inbox by 9 am on offer day.

Overnight, Humber went from having among the worst enrollment figures in Ontario to having the best.

You can learn more about the CRM Dynamics an HSO Company and Humber partnership here, but if you are still debating whether a CRM solution is right for your higher education institution consider these key benefits:


Many schools are using multiple legacy systems in multiple departments. The systems aren’t integrated properly and that can lead to needless errors. Dynamics 365 brings all the information into a single system, saving you time and minimizing errors and duplication.

Live view

Things can change quickly in recruiting, both from a school’s perspective and the prospective student’s. Dynamics 365 gives you a live view of the situation allowing for quick adjustments to changing environments.

Personal Touch

You will be able to learn valuable insights into a potential student’s likes and dislikes to allow you to engage in a personal and meaningful way.


Your alumni directory is often an untapped resource that can be unleashed with the power of Dynamics 365. Re-connect with alumni and target fundraising efforts to them in a personal, effective manner.

Put out fires

Is the music department struggling to attract students this year for some reason? Without a CRM system, it may be difficult to tell when you are trying to manage recruitment on a broad level. Dynamics 365 can give you a micro view and present you with an opportunity to make targeted campaigns to attract students with specific needs that fit yours.

Auxiliary revenue opportunities

Is the campus bookstore hosting a famous author? The basketball team on a roll? Maybe there’s a speaker of note on the schedule. Dynamics 365 can identify what students and alumni to target for those events and allow you to sell more books and pack the arena or lecture hall!

If you want to learn more about how CRM Dynamics an HSO Company and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your school request a consultation now.

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